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Concept Art

Concept Art. While this can technically fall under Illustration, I like to break it up into separate categories. Concept Art indicates and visualizes how a certain subject will look and feel. It is by far the most enjoyable but most challenging part of my work; and I love it. For the past three years BJM creative has completed some major concept artwork including the expanding Fairytale Festival in Kaatsheuvel, the Netherlands. Come have a look.


Design. It’s not rocket science. It’s not hard but it’s not easy either. Not everyone can be a designer. It takes a certain X factor to have the necessary vision a Designer requires to actually design. Being good with Photoshop or knowing how to use a professional camera does not pass as being a Designer. It takes raw talent, the right education and that X factor. It is also a certain chemistry between client & studio… so coffee?


Illustration can be in my eyes compared to magic. Visualizing an image and then drawing that on paper is like a magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat. The viewer has no idea how or where the rabbit came from but somehow, there it is… magic.
I’ve been illustrating my entire life and it is an ongoing, ever-learning process. Thankfully I am able to use this in my professional career. Explore for yourself the various illustrative styles I have on offer.