What does BJM stand for? I’ll tell you over a cup of coffee.
I was born and raised in Sydney, Australia. I reside now in the Netherlands and have been living here for around 14 years. I have four kids, all boys. I consider them to be my greatest creations.
After gaining my Hospitality Management diploma in Sydney, I worked on various levels in the Food & Beverage industry. However, my true desire and passion was Illustration and design. I have a raw talent for illustration. So, back to school I went and after a few years of ploughing through books and gaining experience where possible, I was finally able to break into the design industry at Dobotex International. Since then I have racked up 7 years of experience and have designed for brand names like; PUMA and TOMMY HILFIGER, SHOEBY, LAKESIDE and O’NEILL.
After I had gained enough experience it was time to go out (moonlighting) on my own. And studio name BJM-Creative was born. With BJM I develop artwork for illustration, animation, logo design and brand-building, packaging design and general graphic design.
I am continuously trying to improve and build upon my skills. Motion graphics, 3D design and animation have been my focus points recently where I aim to improve and develop.

Click the link below to view my portfolio.