Film & Video

Recently BJM creative has taken the necessary steps in becoming a professional producer in the world of Film and Video. Creating visually stunning film and video for promotional and private usage. With each and every film created, the core or soul of the film is the story behind it. To sell a product and or service, it is essential that the story is solid; this is where BJM can definitely help. Story development and selling with a stunning video is what the future is all about and exactly where BJM will be.

Here are just a few of the most recent films and videos BJM has worked on.

A short interview with myself…

Director / Producer / Editor

Video Clip ‘Missing My Baby’ – Andy Junior

Director / Producer / Editor / Illustrations & animation / Script & screenplay

CMM Case study Jui Jitsu in Kaatsheuvel

Director / Producer / Editor / Camera / Script & screenplay

Promotional Video JVD Archery

Director / Producer / Editor / Camera / Script & screenplay

Two Step Motion Graphic Video

Illustration & animation

Animation test Batman v Superman

Illustration & animation

Promotional Video Outdoor Archery Equipment

Director / Producer / Editor / Camera / Script & screenplay